Watch Out: How microphone stands Is Taking Over and What to Do About It

Our groundbreaking VEX V1 Mic Stand offers extraordinary durability, innovative design, and a proprietary adjacent lever. The durable die-cast steel base provides a really anchored, steady feel, and the trademarked hexagonal aluminum poles are crafted for exceptional strength and convenience.
The quick latch adjustment lever ensures your height will stay precisely where you want it every time, with no slipping or loosening over time like standard stand clutches.

Each stand features a personalized bring case steadily constructed with a 1680D PVC Shell and Heavy Responsibility EVA foam interior to perfectly blend protection and grit. Double hand straps with a special, balanced design make loading in a breeze no matter if you're going out on trip, playing live, or heading into the recording studio. Keep your equipment safe and protected with the base compartments metal D-ring that can accommodate any combo lock, and the entire package breaks down to a compact 43" x 2" while the base measures 10 1/4".

By over-engineering our equipment, we allow artists to rest guaranteed that they can depend on their gear for years to come. That stated, we likewise believe that the connection developed in between musicians and their audiences is important. We bring this connection one action further with our trademarked hexagonal design. The hexagon is a characteristic shape representing the omnipresence of universal consciousness. Hexagons are considerably distributed throughout the natural world, and their connection to the center of the universe is postulated by various technological, philosophical, and natural examples. By utilizing this connective shape, we develop a deeper bond in between a musician, their equipment, and, ultimately, their audience.

The most standard microphone stand is a straight stand. It uses a dome-shaped round metal base, or a tripod base, into which is threaded a post for installing the microphone (most typically a 5/8-27 threaded hole). This post might be made up of 2 or more telescoping tubes that fit inside each other, permitting fast height adjustment. The system for changing the height is called the clutch.

There are different variations of the straight stand called the "desk stand" (brief variation of straight stand) and heavy responsibility microphone stand (much heavier base and larger tubes) Article source to deal with heavy microphones. Televisions used on the straight stand normally have a glossy chrome plating to resist scratching, however might also be completed in a matte black.

A preferred updated version of the straight stand utilizes the "folding tripod base stand", rather of the round, domed metal base. [3] This folding base allows for simpler packaging of the stand when moving from location to place and minimizes the weight of the stand. However, to make up for the lack of weight at the base while still keeping stability, the three "feet" of the tripod should extend out beyond the radius of a round base. The compromise is that these "feet" may become a trip-hazard on a dark stage.

A number of devices make microphone stands more beneficial. Most of these are designed to get the microphone better to the user without putting the upright part of the stand straight in front of the performer.

A "boom arm" attaches to the top of the stand so the microphone can move in the horizontal airplane. A guitarist, for instance, may utilize this to position the microphone straight in front of his mouth without having the upright portion of the stand in the method of the guitar. It likewise lets artists have the microphone more detailed to the sound source when flooring area is at a premium. This can be particularly helpful when putting microphones on a drum stand when the microphone stands need to complete for area with things like cymbal stands. Boom arms are provided both in repaired length and adjustable (telescoping) lengths.

Another helpful gadget for adjusting microphone placement is a flexible goose neck tube. Made of a spiral-wound core of steel, goosenecks are made in various lengths and finishes and provide the capability to make minute modifications in microphone position.

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